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Author urges Africans to be inquisitive


A writer, Omololu Ogunmade, has said that Nigerians need to create a new way of doing things.

Speaking at a public presentation of his book titled Mindshift: Unleashing your Potential Essence, the author said Nigerians and Africans were too reliant on the western culture.

He explained that he was inspired to write the book after observing the need for Africans to stop feeling inferior.

He said, “I wrote the book because I saw the need for us to think differently and recreate. I have been able to make Africans see reasons why we should think in a new way.

“You become what you think about. We cannot be thinking that we are inferior and expect a change. We need to utilise our minds independently. If our minds are defective, other parts will be. We need to think higher and innovate.”

Reviewing the book, a senior journalist with THISDAY, Nseobong Okon, encouraged Africans to be inquisitive and probe whatever is introduced to them.

He said, “The greatest impediment to mindshift is the failure of the African to question things. We simply do not raise queries. Very often, the mind of the African is still caged in the primitive era.

“Instead of cross-examining what we do not understand again and again through thorough analytical processes which may take years and arduous efforts, we take the simplistic route of deifying the object or phenomenon.”

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