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2 Benefits of bicameral legislature

The Governor of Ekiti State, Dr Kayode Fayemi, has said that despite being expensive, the bicameral legislative system being run by Nigeria has advantages.

Check and balance

The system had checks and balances and would prevent abuse of power.

Fayemi said this in a statement on Sunday by his media aide, Segun Dipe, to clarify the views he expressed last week at the 25th edition of the Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja.

The governor had been reported to have called for the scrapping of the Senate and the implementation of the Stephen Oronsaye’s report.

Dipe said his principal was aware of the advantages of bicameral legislature.

He said, “Just like the (Oronsaye) committee had expressed the effect of the nation running a bogus bicameral legislature, the governor also did, but not in the light that it has been couched that he ‘wanted’ the Senate ‘scrapped’.

“Barring the financial implication of running a bicameral system of legislation, the Ekiti State governor is not unmindful of the advantages of a bicameral system, which include provision of checks and balances to prevent potential abuses of power as well as minimisation of unnecessary changes in statutory regimes.

“He also appreciates the kind of constitutional hurdle such ‘scrapping’ of the Senate would need to cross, if at all, and would not have made such sweeping statement about the federation’s upper chamber.”

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