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Medical doctors as guinea pigs

By Tony Afejuku

I am skipping today my promise to inform my readers of what the Living Spiritual Masters think of our current plight with respect to coronavirus, the deadly disease devastating the globe in a kind of novel manner that is truly devastatingly gigantic.

What is the Karma that mankind is reaping now? I am also skipping an answer, the answer, to this question today. I must obey the directive that is the directive that I must, that I am bound, to obey.

Here in Nigeria, since the outbreak of the epigenous virus was announced, our politicians, our political leaders and their allies have not really behaved as they should have done. Of course, the central ministry of health ably led by Dr. Osagie Ehanire, the minister directly in charge of the ministry, has been playing a gigantic role, so it seems, but the gigantic pandemic is extending its true gigantic panorama to our country in a manner that is shrinking the central government’s ministry of health’s valiant efforts – so it seems.

The number of reported cases of persons who have been visited and held down by the virus has increased sharply from the initial one or two cases announced in late February or so. I think that the major reason for the sharp, drastic increase has to do with the fact that in this country the managers of our affairs, politically, economically and otherwise, are essentially epigones. They are poor followers, poor imitators, of others – especially those that they perceive as our foreign masters from Europe and America. This explains why we have not responded to the devastating disease with our own invented antidote and solution that should compel coronavirus to retreat from our shores and vicinity.

The medical ideas or health philosophies of those our health and political champions are imitating, are nothing short of undigested ideas and philosophies. This is by no means a criticism of their efforts so far. What I am saying and stating without qualms is a statement of fact. Examine what I am saying and stating from whichever angle or from all the angles of whatever argument that one can proffer, and you will discover that things that we have seen done so far will merely qualify to be considered as a collective comedy of ideas.

If we were a country, a nation of serious-minded people governed by serious-minded leaders, we would not have been treating our medical doctors the way we have been treating them and other health-workers and health care-givers. Our political leaders over the years have been treating our medical doctors (and health-workers generally) with disdain. As a matter of fact, our doctors lack the necessary tools and equipment to do their duties diligently, selflessly and patriotically as large-hearted professionals. Clearly, they even lack the emotional stimulus that our respective governments over the years should have encouraged and stimulated them to possess as an additional essential to what they got in and from medical school.

The other day, when ex-president Goodluck Jonathan was in central political power and authority the late Dr. Stella Adadevoh put her life on the line to save our compatriots from Ebola, that remarkable disease that killed many of our fellow African brothers and sisters in Liberia and other West African countries. Until he was voted out of the office and out of power and out of authority he did nothing to immortalize that rare Nigerian woman and incomparable medical doctor whose illuminatingly professional mind will keep on resonating in our nicely sentimental hearts and indelible consciousness. Up to now as well Dr. Jonathan’s successor in the person of General Buhari has not deemed it necessary and wise to honour Dr. Stella Adadevoh posthumously. And the ex-president and his successor expect our medical doctors to take actions that will similarly kill them as they enter the front-line of the battle against coronavirus to save us all of us non-medical doctors and non-health-workers? For how long will our medical doctors be treated as guinea pigs who are poorly remunerated, who don’t have the wherewithal to work with, who are denied their true worth and due recognition as feeling healers and savers of life in accordance with the wish of God our Creator?

I can say it authoritatively – in fact, I am saying it authoritatively – that many of our medical doctors, who are public health practitioners, do not have face masks, thermometers, gloves, protective suits and vehicles that they need to defeat, conquer and murder the pandemic in our shores. To quote Dr. Jonathan, this is the time, “More than ever before… for action, solidarity, and patriotism.”

The meaning I am giving this remark is that our central government and the other governments in the states should treat our medical doctors and all health- workers well, beautifully and handsomely. They should co-operate, solidarize with them patriotically to die, if need be, for our father-land on behalf of us all. But if they must so die as they fight the deadly disease on our behalf, they must not do so as guinea pigs. If our medical doctors must die, they must not die as guinea pigs, they must not die ingloriously and un-mourned, but as noble and heroic professional professionals well respected and well catered for, and who will forever be remembered. But I, personally, do not want them to die. They must live and do battle with the demon that they must behead. All our governments must treat our medical doctors patriotically; they should and must stand by them. Our medical doctors must not be sacrificed as Dr. Stella Adadevoh was sacrificed in vain.

By the way, why are European nations including Israel evacuating their nationals from our country now despite all the efforts our political and health helmspersons are making to lock out the demon of a virus from our shores? Maybe they know that we are merely living on borrowed moments here. And why should this not be so when the number of coronavirus “sufferers” keep on rising and ascending here since day one of its announcement in our land, our sweet and beautiful land, in spite of all our political and economic troubles and woes? We must assassinate coronavirus before it annihilates us. Our doctors must go to the frontline happily ready to do what they must do to behead the demon that they must behead NOW. But not as guinea pigs, I reiterate. Once the European powers realize and see this in action they will return their evacuated nationals and stop others from evacuating other foreigners from our dear land, our sweet dear land that must remain sweet and dear to us.

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