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Nigeria economy, our challenge as a nation

By Bolaji Ogungbemi

As a “Realist”, there is a psychological movement of transformation-and-change agenda in the minds of people, talking many forms, but at heart a protest against the weak system of leadership, materialistic, capitalist system, dictatorship and utilitarian kind of world to which they are expected to conform.

They see a world shaped by the productive processes rather than by the rounded need of human personality and human-community.The Nigeria is restless, the spirit of its people, stirred. From Kaduna to Borno, across Abuja towards the hills of Adamawa and plains of Kano, beyond the fountain of knowledge to the other eastern part of Abia, Enugu, Anambra, Rivers and Africa where the world await the aftermath of our unity.The particular statements and actions of those who make up this protest are often at variance with each other, one says #IStandAgainst and the other says #IStandfor, often contradict the ends they seek and sometimes seem to be over-simplified. This hardly matters. It is the movement itself that is really significant. At bottom it is a spiritual movement that finds echoes in the minds of a great many people of all ages, especially those with religious and liberal affiliations. It is a movement made up of sensitive, radical and sometimes revolutionary people who, in spite of their convictions, are unable to commit themselves to the aims, methods or policies of orthodox communism. In this respect, many of them regard features of the soviet system – the repression of personal freedom, the concentration of power and its emphasis on the productive process – as no less objectionable than any other evil in the rest of the world.

People are searching to rediscover human significance of an altogether more simple and intimate level than can be understood either by technologists, the ordinary run of politicians, or revolutionary writers overloaded with sophisticated logics and confusing vocabularies of shenanigans and political rascality. Human life and human society must regain balance

The world has entered upon the age of hate. It is ravaged and aflame with terrorist, spiritual radicalism, egocentric, technologist wizard, educational bourgeoisies, war and the threats of war.

In our present world there is hatred among classes, among religions, among races, and among nations. Hatred is abroad even in our country Nigeria. Economic sabotage from our own people we entrusted with leadership role. The former MD Yakubu of NNPC looting billions, capital is suspicious of labour and government, and labor and government are in term distrustful of capital. It is no wonder, then, that prophets of doom are abroad in the land and hunger ravages the destitute. They paint a dark picture of the future that Nigeria would break apart and not recover from its economic recession. All we ask of, free enterprise among men, of freedom of thought and speech, and of freedom of worship. Will dissension born of hatred ultimately engulf us? Will internal strife born of ignorance destroy us in the end?

The answer is emphatically “NO”, it matters not how dire the problems of our day may seem. If we have the will to do so, we can master them. No one who knows our history can doubt the ability and the resilience of Nigerians spirit to triumph over every obstacle- presidential election Nigeria unity unshakeable.

The Nigeria was born 100 years ago under the most disheartening circumstances. We had no money.  That was a century ago. We borrowed, until the Paris Club pardon us from the debt through the great legacy of our un-doubtable formidable economist Dr. Ngozie O. Nweala and led vibrant former president Olusegun Obasanjo.

Today the Nigeria is the most powerful black nation in the world and economic sophisticated number one in Africa- true or false: you can judge, the reality is on ground for all to judge. We are today the diplomatic, peace keeping creditor of practically all the countries of Africa, The Gambia witnessed our full presence in saving their nation from verge of civil war. Nations vie with one another for our trade.

We have gone a long way in so short a time. Why? Because each generation solved in the best possible way the problems that confronted it, there was civil war-there was no singing and laughter. There was no life in the open air, with the lungs filling deep and the heart pounding before a fight- civil war was conquered.  One generation conquered it, One generation had to conquer the pirates at sea (militancy, drugs barons and smugglers), the Chadians intrusion into borno and it was conquered and chased away by Buhari led command. Another had to subdue the terrors of a vast unknown continent (bakassi peninsula). Another had to face the possible breaking up of the Union (Boko haram). In each instance, Nigerians faced their particular problem squarely in the face, tapped their ingenuity for a workable solution, and won.

The problem of this generation is unemployment/corruption. If we solve the problem presented by the shut-down and lay-off signs, we shall have routed the forces that today are working against our “going forward together” in peace and harmony. Offer a self-respecting man a place in the breadline instead of an honest job, and you’ve sown the right seeds of rebellion and perhaps anarchy in his heart. A man without a job who sees his family starve while all around him are evidence of wealth and plenty-such a man cannot but be an easy prey to brainwashing, propaganda subversive to Nigerian democracy. History proves that wherever anarchy has overthrown existing government, the basic reason was economic rather than political. Unemployement – millions of men out of work in a land where there is so much work to be done-that’s our problem.I urged – has always claimed that ‘the Nigeria, with its unparalled wealth, possesses business, political and labour leaders capable of reorganizing production and consumption so as to reduce unemployment to a minimum’. But we have not as yet achieved our ends. Why? Because government (politician, political party), business, and labour have been at each others throat. Any advance made by one group is immediately attacked and nullified by the other. What we need is cooperation between the three. Eventually we shall get it. For  certainly, in the interest of our country, unselfish and patriotic men in government, business and labour should be able to bury the hatchet and work together to reduce unemployment to the desired minimum.

This, therefore, is our challenge to the prophets of doom: Protect the right of every Nigerian adult to work continuously at a saving wage. Protect the right of the investor to receive a reasonable profit. Stabilize employment, and you will have eliminated the greatest threat to our democracy – the existence of a vast number of helpless, unemployed, starving people who prove fertile ground for discontent, unrest, and ultimate anarchy.

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