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Legal angle

Justice Akintan seeks reform of judiciary

To erase corruption from every sector of Nigeria’s economy, a retired Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Sunday Akintan, has advocated for a firm, disciplined and reformed judiciary in Nigeria.

Akintan made this advocacy during the formal public presentation of his memoirs titled ‘Reminiscences: My Journey Through Life’ which held at The Bay Lounge Hall, Lekki, Lagos State, yesterday.

He said: “Corruption has become a menace embedded in every sector of the economy including the judiciary. One major problem we have is to get the justice system firm because once the court is slacked people will continue to commit crime with impunity. But when the judiciary is firm and disciplined, every other sector will sit up.”

The octogenarian, who retired in 2008, said that the reform of the judiciary was necessary so that crime could be dealt with decisively.

“A person who has committed a crime and has been on trial for over five years does not show good judiciary system. Bail is not mandatory and if it is to be given, it should be given on the spot,” he added.

Akintan noted that he decided to write his memoirs so as to share his wealth of knowledge and educate the upcoming generation before he exits the scene.

“My book contains valuable lessons which I do not wish to be buried with me, because when an elderly person is buried, a whole library is being buried with the person,” he added.

He, however, noted that the greatest challenge he encountered in writing his book was a dwindling loss of memory and the accurate use of computer system.

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